Art City Winter Solstice gathering Dec. 21

Art City Winter Solstice, a creative and community gathering will be held on Thursday, Dec. 21, 5—9:30 pm. From 5-8 pm, in the Art City Gallery, poetry by Kali Bennett, Phoenix Rising, a poetry, movement and sound performance by Amber Bassett, Maker Space, upcycling objects and materials left behind by the fire, (ash, stone, debris, personal objects, your heart, etc…). Plus local vendors and live silkscreen ‘Ventura Strong’ T-Shirt printing. (partial proceeds going to Thomas Fire organizations). Then, in the Art City Avant Garden, beginning at 8 pm Fireside Fire Stories, (Come share your story of the Thomas Incident), with singer/songwriter, Meaghan Thalia Lawrence.

Ventura’s Art City creative cluster, recently expanded to include three venues (Art City Gallery, Avant Garden, and Under the Bed) in addition to 22 active artist studios. For Winter Solstice, the darkest day of the year…let us gather, create amidst the destruction, tell our stories and come together in a sense to recover our well-being and support one another. 197 Dubbers St. 648-1690

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