Vol. 10, No. 26 – Sept 27 – Oct 10, 2017 – Mailbox


Paul Petersonhas offered wonderful suggestions for perhaps a new perspective for the Ventura County Museum. To include art within its confines or to house it in the historic First National Bank building is a well-thought out idea that could propel the Museum towards its lofty goals.

The story of Ventura, both past and present, can be vividly and dynamically told to the people who live here as well as to those who visit through art. There are plenty of reasons to love Ventura. Including art in the Museum as envisioned by Mr. Peterson will go a long way towards enhancing and articulating this affection.

Charlotte O’Brien

Dear friends of Ventura:

The Building Industry Association (BIA) continues to wage war against the residents of the City of Ventura. A little over one year ago, in the mist of severe water shortages, Ventura passed its Water Net Zero ordinance which required developers to pay their fair share for the costs of new potable water supplies – supplies which are required because of new housing developments.

Because new developments generate a need for costly additional water supplies, Ventura passed the Net Zero ordinance, an ordinance giving developers the option of either: 1) creating no net new water demand (net zero) or; 2) paying an in-lieu fee.

Since the Building industry is accustomed to free-riding on the backs of taxpayers, it objected to the new ordinance and filed a lawsuit against Ventura. The lawsuit, filed in Ventura County Superior Court in August 2016 seeks to overturn Ventura’s Net Zero ordinance.

This past year, Ventura residents have paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in attorney fees to respond to the BIA lawsuit. Ventura’s attorneys have demurred to the lawsuit, a legal argument which suggests that BIA does not have a legal case. On August 18, 2017 Judge Glen Reiser ordered the BIA to submit a new “red lined” version of their brief to be filed before September 1, 2017. However, the lawsuit is likely to continue for years.

Current residents gain nothing from new developments. However, residents are asked to pay for the escalating costs of public services, escalating costs triggered by overpopulation, overdevelopment and overshoot.

Let’s halt all new developments in Ventura until the BIA ceases its attacks on Ventura residents.

Charles Spraggins

Your mind will answer most questions if you learn to relax and wait for the answer.
~ William S. Burroughs

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