Vol. 10, No. 21 – July 19 – Aug 1, 2017 – Forever Homes Wanted

Charlie recently had a short stay with one of our wonderful volunteers. He is the perfect house guest. He has definitely been trained, he knows all his commands and is obedient. He is polite and quite. He slept in his crate willingly, waits patiently for his food and doesn’t beg. Charlie is affectionate and loves to be close to you without being clingy. Let’s get Charlie a real home! Ventura County Animal Services – Camarillo location – 600 Aviation Drive Charlie A663975

Hi: I am a 4 year old Staffie mix, as handsome as they come(I’m the one on the left). I am high energy, looking for someone who can keep up. I need a home because my owner is not able to offer me a home. I know what it is like to love a person and want that chance again. I love playing with other dogs. Because I am so energetic I am looking for a home with big people, kids don’t seem to get out of my way in time when I am excited. I walk well with a gentle leader and I love fetching toys and walking on the treadmill. I also make a great running partner. I’m available to adopt or foster! Canine Adoption and Rescue League C.A.R.L. Call 644-7387 for more information.

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