Senior falls

“I knew that I should have been more careful!”

by Tammy [email protected]

A senior citizen falls every 13 seconds in this country. And each year, more than one million elderly people go to the ER with injuries. Local families scramble to keep their elderly loved ones safe, but often don’t know how.

For Older Americans Month, which was in in May, we have a compelling visual story for you to demonstrate Senior Life-Saving Hacks — simple techniques families can use to keep seniors safe. Local senior care experts will show how to prevent injuries with things around the house, like curlers, pantyhose, and soap.

Eighty percent of senior falls happen in the bathroom. Slippery surfaces are hazardous and usually to blame. Place a bar of soap in the leg of pantyhose. Tie the open end to a towel bar in the shower or the shower head. Seniors can still use the soap through the stocking. Best of all — no dropping the soap, or slipping and falling trying to pick it up.

Staircases and stairway accidents are the second leading cause of accidental injuries — second only to motor vehicle accidents. Each year 12,000 people die from stairway accidental deaths — many of them seniors.

Place a strip of colorful duct tape on the edges of stair steps to make it easier to judge the depth and distance to keep from tripping and falling. Place strips of puffy plastic shelf liner on stair handrails to increase grip and reduce slip risk.

46% of persons aged 65 and older are dealing with some form of arthritis. Arthritis is a leading cause of disability in the U.S.

Get a Grip – Arthritis and other conditions can impact how well a senior can grip, hold, or open items. A poor grip can lead to injury while using simple items around the house.

Slip a foam hair roller over the end of silverware to improve hold — especially with knives.

Wrap rubber bands around a glass to prevent it from slipping out of hands and breaking. This hack reduces the risk of cuts.

Use rubber coated gardening gloves to help open jars or bottles. Puffy plastic shelf liner works, too!

Make doorknobs easier to grip by placing a foam roller over the end.

But wait, there’s more. Here are some other helpful hacks for seniors.

Zip It – Attach round key rings or bobby pins to zipper pulls to make getting dressed easier.

Canned Do – Use canned goods as weights during exercise. Grab those peas and get pumping!

Recipe Rescue – Attach a cookbook or recipe page to a pants hanger and hang from a kitchen cabinet door knob for hands-free recipe reading.

Ice, Ice Baby – Use an upside-down ice cube tray to hold playing cards.

Have a Ball – Push a writing utensil or paint brush through a tennis ball to get a better handle on things.

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