Vol. 10, No. 20 – July 5 – July 18, 2017 – Harbor Pratrol

6-16 1:16pm, received a report of a fuel spill near the National Park Service docks. Officers responded and investigated the report. A recreational boater had an accidental spill on his vessel in Ventura West Marina. The spill was contained although a fuel was spilled into the water. US coast guard and National Response centers were notified and what was retrievable was retrieved.
6-17 1:10pm, received a report of two Personal Water Craft operating at 25mph through the mid harbor area near VWM H-dock. Officers were able to detain the two operators at the launch ramp. .
6-18 3:45pm, received a report of a capsized vessel near the South Jetty of the Harbor. Officers responded by land and by sea and found a vessel anchored and the persons-onboard were just swimming near the vessel.
6-19 11:38am, received a report of a fuel sheen in the South Basin near the commercial vessels. Officers responded and were unable to locate the source of the small spill.





















 7:07pm, received a dispatch to a fire near Harbor/Spinnaker Drives. Officers responded and assisted Ventura Fire with what turned out to be a mattress on fire near the Riverhaven compound.

9:30am, officers conducting quarterly fireboat training with Ventura City firefighters.

5:13pm, received a dispatch to a medical emergency at marina mobile home park from FCC. Officers responded and assisted AMR and Ventura FD with an 86 year old female who fell out of her bed. The patient was treated for her injuries and transported to local hospital for further evaluation.

4:20pm, received a report of 3 missing children from State Parks lifeguards. Officers responded to Harbor Cove and assisted lifeguards reunite the children with their family day-camped out at Surfers Knoll on the beach.

11:49am, received a report of a mentally unstable person possibly in the Harbor area. Officers responded and assisted Ventura PD & FD, VC sheriffs and State Parks. The individual was located and transported for further eval.

1:07pm, received a report of a disabled sailboat near the break wall. Officers responded and found a 15ft sailboat with a broken rudder. The vessel was taken en-tow to the launch ramp.

2:18pm, officers observed a 22ft sailboat having difficulty and attempting to start their outboard engine. The sailboat was taken into a short tow and safely delivered to their slip/dock in the Ventura keys.

2. Officers responded and assisted Ventura FD with the call.

3:25pm, after towing a cement dock back to the Ventura Harbor Boatyard, officers observed a sailboat having trouble starting their engine. The skipper of the sailboat was assisted and continued on their voyage.

5:06pm, received a report of a vehicle break-in near 1600 Spinnaker Drive. Officers responded and assisted an individual file an online PD report.

1:45pm, received a report of a local male transient sleeping in the restrooms at 1500 Spinnaker Drive. Officers responded, found and woke-up the transient and moved him along with verbal warnings for loitering.

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