Vol. 10, No. 17 – May 24 – June 6, 2017 – Person to Person

by Jennifer Tipton

How long have you lived in Ventura and why did you move here?

Dorrie Aguino
age 58
Retired from an accounting firm
“We moved here after the Northridge earthquake and it’s the best thing that ever happened to us! Ventura is the best town and has good schools too!”


Mike McBain
age 74
CEO – McBain Managerial Accounting
“I moved here in 1977 from Los Angeles because I like it better than L.A… Ventura has the beautiful ocean, the pier, the marina, the hillsides and not too much traffic.”


Kerry Anderson
age 52
Court Reporter turned Homemaker
“It’s been about 31 years since I moved here from New York, because at the time my family was here … apparently, I love it!”


Carol Reeves
age 66
“I’ve lived in Ventura for 35 years, we moved here because of my husband’s work-he’s a civil engineer. It’s beautiful here, we love it! The weather’s perfect and … the house is paid off!”


Jonathan Kennedy
age 37
Horse Trainer
“I’ve lived here 4 years because my wife had a home here (we just got married 2 years ago). I moved from Sacramento and I consider this a nice beach town, it’s not pretentious but very laid back.”


Chris Michaud
age 26
Business owner at Ubreakifix
“I’ve lived in Ventura since 2001, my family moved here because of my dad, he works for Raytheon. I’ve stayed because this is the best place ever-sunniest city .”

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