Vol. 10, No. 17 – May 24 – June 6, 2017 – Harbor Patrol Blotter

5-03 3:15pm, while on patrol, officers observed a small inflatable with 3 persons on board disabled near the Barranca.  The vessel was towed to Marina park dock.       
5-04 5:25pm, received a report of an injured sea bird that was captured by a beach comber.  The good Samaritan was given directions to bring the bird to the Port District where it can be housed until bird rescue can pick it up for recuperation.    
  5-05 8:13am, received a dispatch to a traffic collision at the intersection of Spinnaker and Harbor Blvd.  Officers responded and assisted Ventura Fire/PD, AMR and several other agencies with two vehicles that crashed head on.  One vehicle hit and dislodged a fire hydrant; the other was forced into the left turn signal.  Both vehicles were severely damaged.  Both drivers suffered minor injuries from the crash.  No one was transported to local hospitals.

4:10pm, received a report of a dog harassing a sea lion on the South Beach.  Officers responded and contacted an individual with his dog off a leash.  The individual was issued a warning for the violations.  The sea lion retreated back into the ocean according to the dog owner.              

   5-06 11:31am, received a report of a boating accident at Ventura Isle Marina.  Officers responded and found a motor vessel colliding with moored vessels.  The operator was assisted into his slip and the owners of the vessels that were hit were notified along with the marina office.

12:00pm, observed National Weather Service has issued a Gale warning, winds sustained at 39 mph or greater.

4:50pm, received a report of an electric boat unable to navigate against the gale force winds.  Officers responded to the vessel in the keys and towed it back to its slip without issue.

6:15pm, while on patrol in the vehicle, officers observed a wedding commencing at Surfers Knoll in the 44 knot winds.       

  5-07 6:40am, received a report of a sea lion on the small beach has made its way to the street in the keys.  Officers responded and observed the report of the sea lion in the street.  Wildlife rescuers were summoned and the mammal was captured and returned to the wild near the Santa Clara River mouth.

6:05pm, while on patrol in the boat, received a warning from the NWS that a strong cell was headed our way, lighting was possible and that we should not go out on the water. We returned and observed several lightning strikes inland.       

5-08 8:00am, officers preparing for United States Lifeguard Association aquatic rescue response team.   
  5-09 6:00pm, local boy scout troop in the office to learn water safety, boating safety and ridealongs.


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