Newly installed photocell at Camino Real Park

Photocell lights up Camino Real Park sports fields.

by Ventura City staff

Ventura is not just any municipal government.  We are passionate about energy conservation and strive to operate more efficiently and save taxpayer dollars.

Committed to preserving the environment, the City developed an Environmental Sustainability Strategy that identifies ways to reduce impacts from municipal operations including projects that; reduce energy, fuel, chemical and water use, reduce solid waste and hazardous waste generation, and increase the purchase of environmentally preferable products.  These environmentally sustainable practices not only reduce the City’s environmental footprint, but also create budget savings by cutting operational costs.

Recently, two City departments – Parks, Recreation & Community Partnerships, and Public Works – identified a new way to reduce energy use and save City funds by installing a new photocell with light sensor at the Camino Real Park sports fields.

The new photocell sensor with a field lighting switch/relay upgrade adjusts the outdoor lighting loads to a separate meter and significantly reduces electrical costs.  By qualifying for SCE’s AL-2 pricing schedule (money-saving energy plan for outdoor lighting), the energy usage will be billed at “off-peak” rates rather than the expensive “peak demand” rates.

In addition to numerous lighting efficiency projects, other examples of the City’s Energy Saving Program include two large scale renewable energy projects.  The 110 kilowatt solar electric system at the City’s Sanjon Maintenance Yard produces about 45% of the electricity used at the facility; and the co-generation unit at the Wastewater Treatment Plant uses waste gas to produce about 45% of the electricity used at that location.

City staff continues to identify ways to reduce our environmental footprint, be more efficient and create budget savings by cutting energy use at our facilities and other parks, such as Ventura Community Park and Aquatic Center.

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