Life in good measure

Dave and Nancy at the Buenaventura Art Association gallery in Ventura Harbor .

by Gail Field

“Once burned, twice shy.”  David Hodge is not one to shy away from a challenge, but one day Dave was burned and turned away from a hobby he loved.  Fortunately, what ensued was a fulfilling life of new experiences.

After successful careers as teachers in Ventura County, Dave and his wife Nancy began participating in historical reenactments, traveling all over all the U.S. and putting on shows for the public. Dave’s particular responsibility for the Civil War reenactment was to set off the cannons in a conflict between the Yanks and the Confederates.  David did in fact get burned on the cannon in his last attempt, and after that he swore never to set off a cannon again.  Instead, he and Nancy turned their attention to historical costuming for the events.  They had dresses and uniforms made for the appropriate periods of history, and sold them to participants and the public, adding authenticity to the events.

Ever since she was a little girl, Nancy has expressed herself through art.  Her paintings show her love of horses, Indian legends and landscapes of the Old West.  David assists, reinforcing his dictum, “A painting must tell a story.”  Nancy’s paintings demonstrate this principle in her paintings of horses with personalities and characters with “attitude” among many other subjects.  Nancy was recognized by the Buenaventura Art Association for her work and her service to the art community with a Lifetime Membership.

Dave pursues his love of history with his business of finding antique firearms and other objects for worldwide clients.  “I love the search for just the right item for my clients.  Recently I found an original Colt revolver made in 1884, now worth a fortune.”

Dave and Nancy are generous with their involvement in the community.  As active members of the Buenaventura Art Association, they participate in showings at the gallery in Ventura Harbor Village, and Dave oversees the volunteer staffing of the gallery.  “You can find the arts and crafts of fourteen artist members of the Buenaventura Art Association here,” says Dave. “It’s open every day at Ventura Harbor Village, and the beautiful works here are made by very talented artists.”

In addition to their commitment to the Buenaventura Arts Association, Dave and Nancy believe in helping the community of animals. On a regular basis, they gather and donate supplies for a local animal shelter.

“We love retirement,” says Nancy, “because we can pursue what we’ve always wanted to do. We have a full life here in Ventura.”

The gallery is open every day from 11 a.m. – 6. p.m.
Harbor Village Gallery and Gifts.  641-2750


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