Are you ready for elections?  Will anyone be?

In November we will be inundated with many things to consider and to vote on. So that you can start thinking about Ventura’s ballot issues here they are.

MEASURE “N” – ELECTIONS ISSUES – CHARTER AMENDMENT – Shall the proposed amendments to Sections 505, 703, and Article XI of the City Charter, to have the selection process for the City Council determined by Ordinance, have the selection of the Mayor and Deputy Mayor occur in even-number years following regular City Council elections, and eliminate the Ventura Unified School District’s election process from the City Charter, thus making them subject to state law, be approved?

MEASURE “O” – CITY CLEAN WATER/ BEACHES/ STREET REPAIRS/ SAFETY MEASURE – To help protect local water supplies, rivers, beaches from pollution; maintain City services, including: fire, paramedic, police emergency response; keep all fire stations open; repair streets; earthquake retrofit bridges; address homelessness; maintain after-school programs, services for seniors, veterans, youth; shall the City establish a ½ cent sales tax for 25 years, providing approximately $10,800,000 annually, require independent audits, citizens oversight, and all funds used locally?

MEASURE “P” – INITIATIVE ORDINANCE EXTENDING OPEN SPACE, AGRICULTURE, AND HILLSIDE LAND — USE CHANGES BY VOTER APPROVAL TO 2050 – Shall the initiative ordinance extending open-space, agriculture, and hillside land use changes by voter approval to 2050 be approved?

MEASURE “Q” – TERM LIMITS FOR CITY COUNCIL – CHARTER AMENDMENT – Shall the proposed amendment to Section 507 of the City Charter, to include term-limits for City Councilmembers to require that after serving three full four-year terms, a City Councilmember is not eligible to run for the City Council or to be appointed to a vacancy unless a period of four years has elapsed since their last service on the City Council, be approved?

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