I am not some politician who is all talk but no action

city-lavereby Matt LaVere for City Council

I was born and raised in Ventura.  This is my hometown and no one will work harder for Ventura than me. The reason I am running for City Council is simple: I want to make sure the Ventura my young daughter inherits in 20 years is even better than the Ventura we know today. That means balancing respect for Ventura’s unique history, while also having a bold and strategic vision for Ventura’s future. My sole focus is improving Ventura, specifically, creating jobs, reducing Ventura’s awful crime rates, expanding use of our parks/open spaces, finding a solution to Ventura’s homeless/vagrancy problem and ensuring our town builds the housing we need for local residents. I believe Ventura can benefit greatly from a new voice on the City Council — someone with fresh ideas who will proactively work to create the safe, family-friendly and prosperous City we all desire.

I am not some politician who is all talk but no action. I have a long track-record of working hard to make Ventura a better place. I am a Ventura Parks Commissioner, where I have made it my priority to clean up Ventura’s parks and expand the community’s access to open space all over the City. I am on the Board of Directors of Project Understanding where I have worked with staff and Board members to help dozens of people get off the street and into homes. I am on the Board of Directors of the Downtown Ventura Rotary Club where we concentrate on community service projects, especially those benefitting underprivileged children in Ventura. And I am on the Board of Directors for the Ventura College Foundation where I spearheaded a new diesel mechanic program launched at Ventura College last month. I helped build a public/private partnership that created 55 high-paying jobs for local students, jobs which start at around $50,000/year and will quickly pay $70,000-$80,000/year. I am incredibly proud to have established this program and I will build on this by creating similar programs for other local companies/industries. This is how we bring real jobs back to Ventura.

As the “hometown” boy, I’m ready to get to work. And my passion for Ventura’s future has earned me bi-partisan support. I am endorsed by Ventura Firefighters, Ventura Police, the Democratic Party, the Ventura Chamber of Commerce, Tri-Counties Central Labor Council, and these are just some of the more than three dozen endorsements I have received from other organizations, public officials and community leaders.

In my conversations with Venturans all over town, I hear the same message: people are sick and tired of business as usual in Ventura. They want a new voice on City Council. They want someone who will work hard and bring a different perspective. I am that candidate, and I would be honored to have your vote on November 8th!

Learn more at www.voteforlavere.com and on Facebook at “Matt LaVere for Ventura City Council”.

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