Find a smile and a pizza at Cordello’s Pizza

Writer Gail is ordering some fine Italian food from Fabiola at Cordello’s Pizza.

by Gail Field

If you’re looking for a smiling face, a warm greeting and something good to eat, a good bet is to find Fabiola at the counter of Cordello’s Pizza on Thompson Blvd.

Fabiola has a long history in the food service industry, but she didn’t start there.  As a girl growing up in Acapulco, she studied hard, wanting to make something of her life.  Her father left the family when Fabiola was young, and she made up her mind to be self-reliant.  No more depending on others. “After my father left I saved my earnings and helped my mother and sister.”  From that time on, she paid her way for everything–school books, clothes, food–so that her mother and sister would have a better life.

Across the street from her high school in Mexico was a gas station, and in the days before self-service, she pumped gas for extra change after school and on weekends.  It was her first job, and she carefully saved her earnings. Another employer saw her good attitude and hired her away to collect tolls on the highway near Acapulco.  She loved the work, and saw her savings grow.

When she was 18 years old Fabiola decided to set off for California and start her career here.

“Cordello’s is a family business,” she says.  “We all work together with Hugo and Julio Molina as the founders, but we didn’t always see eye to eye.  I left to make it on my own and worked in other restaurants.  After a few years, I came back to Cordello’s.  I invested in the business, and now I’m happy to see my investment paying off.”

“I’ve always loved learning and enjoyed working.  You have to work hard to be successful, and saving money is important.” She is raising her son with the same values that have made her content with her life: self-reliance, determination, and showing kindness to others.   “I believe that when you act from good intention, it all comes back to you.  The success of this restaurant comes because we provide service the best way we know how.”

Some of Cordello’s Pizza favorites are the vegetarian Margarita pizza and the Squashed Grapes Pizza named for the winery/jazz club on Main Street.  If that’s not enough, the restaurant serves salads, sandwiches, calzones, pasta and appetizers.  All the sauces are homemade, and the sandwiches are all hot.

You’ll find Cordello’s Pizza at 1700 E. Thompson Blvd.  For delivery call 648-1070.  Say hello to Fabiola.  She’ll give you a warm welcome.


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