New firefighters join Ventura Fire Department

Congratulations to Firefighter Paramedic Trainees, Austin Araiza, Austin Foulke, Brian Mulvehill, Alex Ramirez, and Russell Skinner.

After an intensive 18 week fire academy, five new firefighter paramedic trainees have graduated and have joined the Ventura City Fire Department.

city firefighters insetAt the 52nd Ventura County Firefighter Academy graduation ceremony on June 3 Fire Chief David Endaya was quoted as saying “I need efficient, effective, safe firefighters and paramedics from Day 1.  So we’re really looking forward to bringing them on, developing them from the moment they hit the ground, and turning them into future leaders starting right now.  We’re really excited to lead them into the future, so congratulations to them, and we’re really looking forward to them putting on the badge.”

Training Battalion Chief Jack Hansen, who was also in attendance said, “We have to be prepared for any type of emergency or urgent type call to help out the community and serve the public in any capacity, whether it be a major emergency or something where we’re just going to try and help them out.  So any time it’s not a crime, we end up doing that.  I think moving forward, what we need to do is continue to find those calls where we have some weakness and continue to train. “

Chief John Spykerman stated “ One of the things we like to push is that these are core competencies for the fire service that are built here.  We want them to continue to train and develop throughout the future. Over 30 years, as new things pop up that we haven’t done before, we want them to be prepared to be future leaders and build their skills and talents.  The fire academy training process has gotten them ready to serve.”

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