Vol. 9, No. 18 – June 8 – June 21, 2016 – Mailbox

The Ventura Breeze hereby apologizes to anyone who was offended by Bill Green’s cartoon in the last issue(Jewrassic Park) and thought that it was racist – it was certainly never intended to be.  By the way, both the Breeze publisher and Bill Green are Jewish. And you can always go to Danny’s Deli for a good corned beef sandwich.

You have a great sense of humor!  You gave me a good laugh with your comment about buying 72 $400,000 3 bd rm houses instead of building 101 low income units.
You would be lucky to find 10 $400,000 houses for sale in Ventura , let alone 72 !
This issue must be dear to your heart because you’ve mentioned it twice now.
You do realize that by taking more houses off the limited amount of family units for sale, you would just create a shortage. Hummm, that might be what you were hoping for.
By housing seniors,  students and a variety of low income needs, you preserve a ventura of all kinds. Not only the wealthy.
Not only do you house people efficiency , but the maintenance on one building is always cheaper then maintenance on 72 houses.
I hope the city continues to build these units, insuring a diverse community.  A community that offers more than just dollars.
You being a senior should appreciate that.

Barbara Art

How about 72 mobile homes? You are right just trying to increase the value of my home.
I’m a senior? Only when I think about it.

Dear Sheldon:

Thank you for covering Parkinson’s awareness and Ventura’s Parkinson’s support group. You make a difference and your commitment to community news is great.

Best always
Aurora Soriano
Parkinson’s Action Network

To all the staff of the Ventura Breeze.

Just a quick note to express my appreciation for the great write up you gave us in the May 25 issue. All the ladies in the Pin Potters League were very impressed.
And a special thanks to Michael Gordon for the great photos.

Thanks again
Ornette Smith


The more I read the newspaper the more confused I get.  This week we learn that the State of California will provide free medical care to one-quarter million children who are in the State illegally and have no right to be here. We also recently read that the care provided our veterans who fought for us and use the Oxnard VA Medical Facility face some of the longest wait times for treatment in the country. Looking at this sad example of our priorities, one might draw the conclusion that this will encourage an increase in illegal immigration into California and a decrease of those volunteering for the military.

One in three people in California are on Medi-Cal; people on fixed incomes like Social Security did not get a cost of living increase this year; yet, the Ventura City Council wants to increase the sales tax to make up for the shortfall in funding for the overly generous pensions for city and county workers.

California is going to spend 2 billion dollars for 10,000 apartments for the homeless over a number of years.  It is estimated there are 113,952 homeless in California at any given time. What happens to the majority that are not lucky enough to receive an apartment? Giving a person an apartment alone does not treat the cause of being homeless. The causes of homelessness should be treated with an equal priority to that of shelter.  Would it not be better to use the money to erect large tent cities in appropriate areas which could provide shelter, food, medical care, training, and job placement to more people?  Giving a person an apartment is not going to result in a job. Lacking programs to foster medical treatment and self-improvement, all it will create are zones of poverty.

John Ferritto-Ventura

Everything is permissible as long as it is fantastic.
~ Carlos Mollino

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