Vol. 9, No. 18 – June 8 – June 21, 2016 – Harbor Patrol Blotter

5-24 5:30pm, observed marine mammal rescue dragging a large container near Surfers Knoll, offered a ride to the Santa Clara River mouth to the volunteers.  They were unable to locate the reported sick sea lion.

9:07pm, received a dispatch to check the well-being of a tenant of the marina mobile home park.  Officers responded and found a 72 year-old female in no distress, just a misunderstanding with her husband on vacation.     

5-25 9:00am, officers checking new Port District flag pole before installation tomorrow.  The new pole will display small craft/gale/storm advisory flags and advisory lights at night for the boating public.
5-26 1:00pm, received a report of a vessel sinking at its berth in the keys.  Officers responded and found a small vessel on a pneumatic lift sitting low on its stern to drain water and is in no danger of sinking or taking on water.
5-27 6:05pm, received a report of a transient pan-handling near Margarita Villa in the village.  Officers responded and contacted an individual playing guitar with a tip hat.  The individual was warned about the no solicitation ordinance.


5-28 3:37pm, received a report of an electric boat towing skiers in the keys. Officers responded, contacted the operator and issued warnings for several equipment & operating violations.

8:47pm, received a report of a disabled 48ft sailboat requesting assistance docking.  Officers responded and safely secured the vessel into its slip at VHV.

5-29 1:05pm, while on patrol in boat 17, officers assisted State Parks lifeguards with several safety contacts of swimmers in rip currents along South Beach/South Jetty, most of Pierpont and Marina Park.

8:22pm, received a report of intoxicated persons near Milano’s restaurant.  Advised Ventura PD who responded and removed the individuals.

5-30 12:10pm, while on patrol in Boat 19, officers observed a injured person and administered first aid to the Stand-up paddler in the A-basin of the harbor.  The patient was transported to parents waiting at the launch ramp.

4:45pm, while on patrol in the Fireboat, officers received a report of 3 juveniles stranded on the detached breakwall.  Officers responded and rescued the three off the breakwall and reunited them with their family at Marina Park.  The 3 youths hitched a ride with a small vessel to the breakwall.


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