Music Together opens in Ventura

Music Together, a popular Beverly Hills venue offering music classes for infants, babies, toddlers and preschoolers, recently opened a new location in Ventura. Music Together’s owner and director Siree Franks said she noticed a dearth of music education opportunities in the area, even prior to moving here with her two daughters in 2012.

“I knew there was a music void in Ventura and I wanted to fill it,” Franks said. “Music Together is my passion and I wanted to build a community of young families and music makers here in this beautiful seaside town that I now call home.”

“We sing, dance, play instruments and get silly in an informal, non-performance-oriented setting where children…can participate at their own personal pace and developmental level and still be a serious music education program.”

“Music not only helps a child’s early brain development with skills that will contribute to learning math, reading, and speech, but the activity of making music in a group surrounded by friends and family is a wonderful human bonding experience.”

Music Together currently hosts a variety of weekly offerings, including mixed-age classes, a class just for babies, and even an evening class catering to working parents who wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to accompany their children.

Franks highlighted the importance of word-of-mouth in broadening Music Together’s scope. “Every session, as parents share news about our little center, we grow just a bit bigger and are able to add a class or two.”

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