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After reading your article on the proposed Kellogg park, I decided to check out the west side parks and compare them to the east side parks. I did this with camera in hand.

First and foremost is the fact that the west side area ( vta Ave ) is comprised mostly of highly dense, older than 60 yr old neighborhoods. Very different from the east end. The population there has a large hispanic community.  (I believe ) traditionally communities like these have more children then those of the Eastside non hispanic households.

I found the parks you mentioned. The Westside park did indeed flank the bike path. The numerous homeless congregating in the park can attest to that fact. They seemed to hang out there right after getting a free meal at a location not too far away.

The park had 50 spaces for parking. Certainly not enough for all the uses you described.

The Harry Lyons park did not even have a sign on ventura ave letting anyone know there was even a park nearby.

The facilities were in terrible condition. Severely rusted basketball back boards, lamp posts and deteriorating asphalt was unexpected especially since I had just visited the beautiful pristine parks on the east side.

It is clear to me that the west side needs another park because of the demographics. Hopefully one day a park with a pool , like the families on the east end enjoy.

I find it curious that the westpark even has a field named after a city council member and you never mentioned it. Could it be because the field is a field of weeds ? Must be in transition.

Apparently you missed all of this. We are all getting older. I suggest better glasses sheldon.

P.S. I doubt this will get printed, but I’ll keep trying to tell the truth about matters concerning the huge differences and money alloted for the east side compared to the west side. Something you seem to think is a waste.

Mike Art

Not sure why you doubted that this would be printed. Your opinion is as valid as mine. And not a knee jerk reaction but you took the time to go to the parks. You point out some good things but the money being spent on Kellogg Park would solve most of them. Feel free to write us whenever you have something to say.
PS: I don’t wear glasses, maybe that’s the problem.

Hello Sheldon,

Just a word about “the C Street Bridge” reconstruction.  It is truly interesting to watch the engineering design and decisions that are being made daily for the success of this project.  Cal Trans, Ventura City and County Building and private construction are working together well with “state of the art” building techniques.  The construction has caused few traffic disruptions because of the well-thought out traffic and pedestrian flows.  Its been so long to see renovation of an existing  bridge…maybe this is the beginning of more in the future?

Suzanna Ballmer, Ventura


The Harbor Community Church continues to press for the right to locate a homeless service program within a long-standing residential neighborhood. By requesting a preliminary injunction against the city’s decision to deny this location, this church has elected to take an end run around compliance with the required regulations. The required compliance with a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) takes into account the families in this neighborhood who are at risk.

The Harbor Community Church has decided on four things:

  • To whimper and assert to the 9th U. S. District Court of Appeals that Harbor Community Church’s religious entitlement is doing the Lord’s work for the homeless that supersedes the safety and security of the families in this neighborhood
  • Not to work with and support the existing programs within the city (ie.: City Center, et.al.)
  • Not to find another, less provocative location
  • To compel the city to spend increasingly large amounts of taxpayer money for legal representation

The Harbor Community Church that promotes itself as, “… a place called to reach the entire community …” does not have an effective management plan to ensure a suitable measure of safety and security for the existing neighborhood around 3100 Preble Ave. The Ventura Police Dept. will have to station officers in this area on a permanent basis. This neighborhood will become a de facto war zone. Let us be clear, the families, and most notably the children, in this neighborhood are entitled to enjoy their own measure of safety and security.

The hubris of the Harbor Community Church to minimize and thus disregard families’ “… inalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” is the antithesis of scripture.

It is apparent the homeless population finds Ventura a desirable place to be. What’s not to like: the weather, the ocean, the fresh fruits and vegetables? Increasingly, advocates for the homeless decry that municipalities are not doing more. People should keep in mind that at the end of the day, it is the tax paying citizens of Ventura operating their respective lives in a responsible way who will shoulder the financial load … not the advocates or the homeless themselves.

Roy Colbert


Once again you guys have amazed me with your great talent and ability to take a few simple facts and turn them into  such beautiful statements. I have said it before and I’m saying it again…..You guys are AWESOME!!!  You always make us at Vagabond sound like we really are SOMEBODY! Thank you sooo much, all of you- You are the best!

Jolene McBee-owner Vagabond Restaurant

Suppose you were an idiot.
And suppose you were a member of Congress.
But then I repeat myself.

~ Mark Twain

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