Vol. 9, No. 7 – January 6 – January 19, 2016 – Mailbox


With the appointment of a non-council member to the mayorship and his advocacy of a sales tax increase, this city’s reached a new low. So the council dodges any flack by using an outsider to announce new fees is as cynical a move as the new water agency being forced down our throats. A sales tax increase was defeated years ago-how do they expect this one to pass? Where’s all the money? Where’s the income from the traffic lights and the parking meters? And why is the internet service on the avenue so slow and unreliable? The east side has fiber optic, and a new sports complex. The Avenue gets Kellogg Park-whee! Sheldon, your cheerleading only goes so far-why don’t you call these guys on their games?

Richard Goad


Not sure where you get your information but you definitely need a new source. All of our mayor’s (Erik Nasarenko in this case) are city council members who the council selects to be mayor.

And Ventura does not have a sports complex, new or old.



I was swimming laps at The Pierpont on Christmas Eve when my swimming buddy and fellow Rubicon chef, Doris Cowart, joined me. When we arrived at one end of the pool at the same time, she exclaimed that I was famous! She told me she said to herself, while reading the article,”I know her!” That was how I found out my aricle was in the paper.

Back in the locker room, she told everyone who would listen…it was nice that she took the lead so I didn’t have to! I gathered up a number of copies of The Breeze on my way out the door to send to family and friends. So, Sheldon, you have made me famous! Thanks! Happy New Year!

Kay Rich

Greetings- 150 years ago in Ventura

Tom Scott, of the Penn RR (and a  family ancestor) had acquired 240,243 acres and spent $165,000.00 in gold on Calif. oil lands by January 1865. He bought all of the Ojai Valley and most of downtown Ventura. Rancho Calleguas (5916 acres), Rancho Canada Large (6660 acres), Rancho Ojai (17717 acres) and a group of other ranchos, including what is now Oxnard and Ventura.

Regards –

John H. Stewart

“How I hate those who are dedicated to producing conformity”

~ William S. Burroughs

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