Fall City of Ventura Classes check out hundreds more on the web-site

Call 658-4726 or 654-7552 to register, if you already have an account online, visit www.cityofventura.net

Ballroom for Youth  7-12 years
12/12-1/30       Sa         3-4 pm                         $69      Course# 42231
Build confidence, improve posture, learn to relate to your partner without even talking, Dance to today’s music in a ballroom way. Parents must attend first class to fill out paperwork, and enter the studio when dropping off and picking up your child. No flip-flops or sneakers–leather or suede shoes are best. No class 12/26 & 1/2. Class held at House of Dance, 3007 Bunsen Ave, Suite E & F in Ventura.

Beginning Skateboarding              5 years-adult
12/12   Sa         10 am-12 pm    $30      Course# 42012
Bring a skateboard, helmet and kneepads to practice half pipe, pumping back and forth, kick turning and dropping in. Register early as classes are limited to 5 skaters. At Serio Skateboard Shop, 989 B East Main St in Ventura. More info and offerings at www.sk8serio.com.

Primal Feat: a dance/movement intuitive experience  18 years-adult
12/13   Su        4-5:30 pm        $15
Fun, spirited, surrendered dance and movement. We dance in our bare feet or soft dance shoes, comfy clothes to move in and no dance partner required. No dance experience necessary. The body is meant to move! facebook.com/primalfeat Instructor Liz Galvan. Classes at Cosmotion 2343 E Thompson Blvd #A.

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