Receivership used to clean-up deplorable Ventura property

The neighbors are delighted.

For the first time, the City of Ventura used its receivership abilities to take over a blighted property. A judge appointed a receiver to take control of four small houses located on one lot at W. Ramona Ave. Tenant conditions were deplorable. Cockroaches, rats and pit bulls resided at this property. A lack of water flow, or no water, was the norm. Plugged and rotted out sewer and water lines, little or no electrical service, rickety rotted wooden stairs, hand rails, and platforms, junk and trash lining the outside perimeter and many more people than bedrooms were found living inside, outside, and even under the houses. Open evidence of drug use was also found.

City receivorship before
City receivorship before

This was one of the worst (if not the worst) blighted parcels in Ventura.

The houses were remodeled and cleaned to comply with city codes. Water, sewer, electrical service, code violations, safety hazards have all been corrected. Interiors and exteriors have been freshly painted, new electrical and plumbing fixtures have been replaced as needed and each house has been provided with a new refrigerator and stove.

The property was sold to MTICapital Inc. They will be required to pay the City and the receiver’s costs that were spent to make the property livable. The receivership company assumes full control of the property, provides funds for the projects evicts tenants, hires contractors to correct the deficiencies and coordinates with the city to insure appropriate changes and corrections are completed to health and code standards. Any legal residents at a property are helped to find new living accommodations, but in this case there were only squatters.

The previous property owner was unable to correct the conditions and was reportedly in jail. To add to the dilemma, public records indicate that he was in default of his mortgage. Neighbors were thrilled that the City took this action.

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