Shannon started her love of food by joining her father

Taking a break from her busy schedule Pam Baumgardner  enjoys relaxing at Marie Shannon’s

Shannon Wright, owner of Marie Shannon Confections; started her love of food by going to fancy restaurants with her father. She loved trying to figure out the ingredients in these dishes and enjoyed taking in the atmosphere of each restaurant. Shannon soon became a home cook, which was followed by making cheesecakes at a café.

At 19 years of age she started culinary school where she learned how to create specialty pastries and so much more! Her learning continued through working at bakeries, hotels and country clubs such as Sherwood Country Club.

Using her expertise, Shannon helped her family open Jimmy’s Slice, which is also located downtown. This was followed by the opening of her own bakery – Marie Shannon Confections- on February 14, 2012. This is where she continues to thrive and use her masterful skills to make the best desserts, cakes, coffees and breakfast!

Marie Shannon’s is located at 27 S. Chestnut Street in Ventura.

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