Fall City of Ventura Classes

Fall City of Ventura Classes check out hundreds more on our web-site
Call 658-4726 or 654-7552 to register, if you already have an account online, visit www.cityofventura.net
Classes/Events held the Barranca Vista Center ~ 7050 Ralston Street in Ventura unless otherwise noted.

Play-Well TEKnologies Jedi Engineering using LEGO®  5-11 years
9/21-11/2         M         3:30-5 pm        $160
We use LEGO®s to build up problem solving skills, creative expression and a greater appreciation of how things work. Defeat the Empire by designing X-Wings, R2-units and settlements on far-flung edges of the galaxy. Imagination and engineering combine to create motorized and architectural projects such as energy catapults, shield generators and defense turrets. No class 10/19. At Bible Fellowship Church room 206, 6950 E Ralston st. www.play-well.org. To register call 805-658-4726. Course# 42016

Mr. Scott’s Chess Club  8-12 years
9/21-11/2         M         5-6 pm                         $50
Improve skills and gain new strategies with a National Championship Coach Mr. Scott. No class 10/19. Course# 42017

Let’s Play with Clay  3-6 years
9/21-11/2         M         6:15-7:30 pm   $67 for one adult & one child
Parent and child play and work together to create projects in clay, such as pinch pots, nature print trays and, of course, handprints! No class 10/19. Instructor Michelle Solorio. Course# 42135

AM Yoga & Melt for Renewal  16 years-adult
9/22-10/13       Tu        8-8:45 am         $55
The simple and deeply relaxing yoga poses of the Melt Method re-hydrate connective tissue to restore neurological balance, stability, and joint mobility. Bring towel, mat and dress comfortably. Instructor Mary Lincoln. Course# 42075

Beginning Ballet and Tap  7-11 years
9/23-11/4         W        3:45-4:45 pm   $60
Have fun while learning all the basic steps for ballet and tap dance. Classes are progressive introducing new steps and combinations designed for the beginning dancer. Come to class with tap shoes and ballet shoes and wear exercise-type dancewear including stretch pants and t-shirts. No class 10/21. Instructor Elli Busch. Course# 42258

Sewing by Hand  9-12 years
9/25-10/30       F          4-5:15 pm        $60
Learn hand-sewing skills to make dolls, folk pictures, purses and more Perfect for holiday gifts. Instructor Judee Hauer. Course# 42266

Mommie & Me Dance and Play to the Rhythm  2-4 years
9/25-11/20       F          9-9:45 am         $60
Music, songs and dance make for a lively time for you and your child to explore rhythm, simple movement and social skills as you stretch, and strengthen. Wear comfortable clothes for easy movement. No class 10/26 Course# 42186

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