Business Profile: Safe Travels RV Services Company LLC,

Welcome to Safe Travels RV Services Company LLC, where our motto is “Wishing You Safe Travels.” Located in Ventura, California, Safe Travels RV Services provides mobile services dedicated to ensuring your RV adventures are as smooth and as safe as possible.

This husband and wife team, Bill Meyer and Lisa Edwards, are passionate outdoor enthusiasts. Retired in 2023 as an electrical engineer, Bill is an NRVIA-certified RV inspector, solar designer/installer, certified infrared thermographer and registered technician. Lisa spent 25 years as an educator and retired in 2021. She co-owns and managed the day to day operations.

As lifelong outdoor enthusiasts, they have always treasured camping and exploring nature. Over the years, their love for comfort while camping grew, leading them to embrace RV travel. Some call it glamping, but they see it as motorized camping. They understand the frustration of travel mishaps, such as water leaks, refrigerator and generator issues and electrical trouble and they are dedicated to helping travelers avoid and resolve these problems.

At Safe Travels RV Services, they offer comprehensive RV inspections for new or used RVs, from small trailers to class A motor coaches and everything in between.

There’s an inspection process which involves detailed visual observations and instrument-based measurements of every aspect of one’s RV. This provides customers with a complete report on the current condition of the vehicle. Inspections provide clients with peace of mind and valuable information to support a difficult decision-making process.

In addition, Safe Travels RV Services offers maintenance, solar installation, and RV educational services to keep travelers safe on the road.

Their mission is to ensure travel safety and peace of mind, allowing travelers to create lifelong memories. Bill’s engineering expertise and Lisa’s educational background provide a unique, customer-focused approach. They prioritize educating their clients, empowering them to enjoy their RVs to the fullest. Safe Travels RV Services Company LLC is a member of the Ventura Chamber and the Better Business Bureau and serves Ventura and Santa Barbara counties.

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