Hogan works to provide safe and reliable water and wastewater services to the City

Senior Assistant City Attorney Miles Hogan came to the City in 2016.

As we flow through the systems and people of Ventura Water who work to provide safe and reliable water and wastewater services to the City, we will focus on specialized staff who support that mission. Because water is essential for all life on Earth, this resource has been legislated to be utilized sustainably and equitably. Another important consideration is the impact water and wastewater activities have on human and environmental health. There are many laws and regulations governing the use of water resources, from the Clean Water Act—the primary federal law designed to ensure the integrity of our nation’s waters—to California’s many water-related rights, laws, and regulations. For Ventura Water there are also local mandates, including the Consent Decree that addresses wastewater discharge into the Santa Clara River Estuary. To understand and adhere to the multitude of laws and regulations requires legal expertise.

Miles Hogan came to the City in 2016 and currently serves as a Senior Assistant City Attorney. He holds an undergraduate degree in marine biology from UCLA and a law degree from UC Davis with certifications in environmental law and public interest law. Miles’ education combined with his experience at a private law firm representing public agencies, primed him to be Ventura Water’s legal counselor.

He also advises the City’s Water Commission. In addition, Miles supervises the City Attorney’s Office Transactional team of attorneys, who advise all city departments on their contracts and agreements, draft ordinances and resolutions, and give general legal advice. His efforts are supported by the Office’s executive assistant, who assists Ventura Water by processing legal services agreements and invoices, scheduling negotiation meetings, processing important documents, and other related work.

Miles explains that the City’s water and wastewater issues are unique due to the diversity of its resources and services provided. Regulations change depending on the type of source—whether surface water from Lake Casitas and the Ventura River, or subsurface water from local groundwater basins. As we prepare to accept our allocation from the State Water Interconnection Project, other legal considerations will come into play. And as we shift to reusing our water resources with the VenturaWaterPure Program, there are specific legal considerations for implementation of this beneficial technology. The City conforms to laws protecting endangered and threatened species as we draw water from the river and discharge treated wastewater into the estuary. Ventura Water provides potable water service to customers in the geographically separated Saticoy Club community, and wastewater service to customers along the Rincon, which periodically presents unique legal issues. And our Mobile Reuse Program has its legal constraints and requirements.

When asked what he enjoys most about his position, Miles says that there is always something new to address which means his job is always interesting. He also greatly enjoys serving the public and working with the wonderful staff at the City (his words). Asked about job challenges, he says the diversity of Ventura Water’s portfolio is a mixed blessing because, though it gives Ventura more resilience to climate change impacts or emergencies, defending and protecting our varied water resources requires constant work by a team of people including him, Ventura Water staff, and outside firms that support the City. Protecting the City’s water resources on behalf of its customers is a very fulling career which Miles appreciates every day.

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