Business Profile: Expert in Accounting and Business Advisory Transforming Enterprises

In the dynamic world of business, having an expert who not only understands the numbers but also the unique needs of each company is invaluable. In this context, we highlight Rosi Barragan, a Certified Public Accountant with an impressive track record in creating and advising small businesses.

With studies in International Business and Marketing, Rosi has dedicated a significant part of her career to the development of operational and administrative processes, providing solutions that thoroughly understand the needs of businesses and their owners or investors. Her focus is on offering peace of mind and quality of life to entrepreneurs through solid financial strategies and customization of accounting systems.

What sets Rosi apart is her outstanding certification in Quickbooks Online in the U.S., positioning her as an expert in efficient accounting. Her passion for providing tools that bring tranquility stands out among similar services.

Based in Ventura, CA, Rosi Barragan offers her services throughout the United States. Her commitment to transparency and legality is reflected in the use of accounting concepts accepted by the IRS, ensuring that her clients receive accurate information and comply with tax regulations.

If you are looking for someone who not only crunches the numbers but also understands the essence of your business, Rosi Barragan is the ideal choice. Transform your company with expert and personalized advice that exceeds expectations.

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