8th Annual Women’s Rally & March

Justice For All Ventura County and Planned Parenthood Central Coast Action Fund are presenting the 8th annual Woman’s Rally & March at Plaza Park, Ventura, Saturday Jan. 20 10am-2pm.

“The state of women’s rights and reproductive rights may seem secure in California, but with national politics and politicians making decisions across the country looming, we can’t be content with the status quo. Our progressive beliefs may mean nothing without the right people in office. Please join Justice For All Ventura County to encourage activism and action towards the values we hold dear at the first large community event of 2024, getting support and a sense of community along the way”, said Shane Meserve, President of Justice for All Ventura County.


Local dignitaries will speak, live music and many organizations will be tabling at the event in an effort to help attendees learn more about how they can participate in ongoing efforts to help our community.

2024 will be a watershed year in the United States where voters will make decisions on critical issues such as which political party will lead us into the future, access to healthcare, social justice, restoring the strength of our democracy and healing the soul of our divided nation. Democracy is based on the active participation of its citizens to educate themselves on the issues and voting for representatives that work towards solutions for all.

For all Ventura County is a local non-profit dedicated to is to motivate, educate, connect, and mobilize people to actively engage in their government and future in support of social justice. www.JusticeForAllVC.org

Planned Parenthood Central Coast Action Fund is the advocacy and political arm of Planned Parenthood California Central Coast. Our mission is to expand access to quality reproductive health care for all, including safe and legal abortion, through community education, public policy initiatives, and support for candidates committed to this work. https://www.plannedparenthoodaction.org/

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