City of Ventura survey invites community members and businesses to share insights on homelessness

In a proactive move to address homelessness and enhance public involvement, the City of Ventura has initiated two public surveys. These surveys aim to gather insights from residents and local businesses to shape the city’s plan to effectively combat homelessness.

“Together with the local government, businesses, community members, and nonprofit organizations, we can address and combat homelessness,” stated Leona Rollins, Ventura Housing Services Manager. “This survey allows the community to provide feedback and recommendations on future initiatives and programs to improve the lives of our most vulnerable community members.”

The surveys aim to gather input, experiences, and potential solutions for housing and homelessness challenges in Ventura from community members and local businesses. Topics range from homelessness initiatives, funding priorities, and views on existing housing and homelessness programs.

Additionally, the business engagement survey focuses on understanding the impact on local companies. It explores difficulties faced and solutions considered from the perspective of business owners. Topics include difficulties faced, solutions considered, and opinions on who should be responsible for addressing homelessness from a business perspective.

“This is an important milestone in our ongoing commitment to a collaborative housing and homelessness solution,” said Ventura Mayor Joe Schroeder. “We encourage everyone to participate so that diverse perspectives are included in our efforts to develop an inclusive and impactful Homelessness Plan.”

Ventura acknowledges homelessness as a multifaceted issue affecting individuals, families, and the business community. Feedback from the surveys will be instrumental in crafting an effective strategy to address homelessness, aligning with the City Council’s 2023-2024 goals of establishing a comprehensive City-wide homelessness plan. Residents and businesses are urged to participate actively, contributing valuable insights to inform policies, programs, and initiatives targeting the underlying causes of homelessness.

The surveys are available online through January 19, 2024. To participate, visit the City’s website at

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