Community members invited to donate supplies for City of Ventura’s Foul Weather Shelter

The City of Ventura is gearing up to support its most vulnerable residents through its annual Foul Weather Shelter Program, which provides temporary shelter and essential stay-warm packs during harsh weather circumstances, including severe rain, wind, or low temperatures.

Last season’s Foul Weather Shelter Program stood as a beacon of aid, being activated 25 times over a span of 45 nights. It successfully assisted over 250 individuals and families, serving more than 3,000 meals and distributing 150 stay warm packs.

Leona Rollins, the Housing Services Manager, emphasized the importance of community collaboration, stating “Ventura thrives on an active network of local social service providers and nonprofits working collectively to cater to the needs of our most vulnerable population. This program stands as a crucial need, especially during these challenging times.”

The City invites contributions from the community to assemble warm packs for individuals unable to secure motel rooms during severe weather events. Essential donations include rain ponchos, blankets, jackets, hand-warmers, socks, toiletries, soft snacks, tarps, and carrying bags for items.

Community members can actively participate in this effort through various means:

Volunteer Sign-Up: Offer your time on evenings when the shelter is activated. Sign up online at Foul Weather Shelter Program.

Amazon Wishlist: Purchase and donate needed items through our Amazon Wishlist. All supplies will be directly shipped to the River Community Church. Visit to contribute.

In-Person Donations: Bring materials to the River Community Church at 859 E. Santa Clara Street.

Monetary Contributions: Send donations by mail (checks labeled “Foul Weather”) to 859 E. Santa Clara Street, Ventura, CA, 93001.

The Foul Weather Shelter Program is set to run through March 31, 2024. It will be activated when temperatures drop below 40 degrees and if there’s a prediction of ½ inch of rain or more.

To volunteer, donate through the Amazon Wishlist or learn more about the Foul Weather Shelter program visit the City’s website at or contact Leona Rollins, Housing Services Manager, at [email protected].


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