Vol. 17, No. 03 – Nov 1 – Nov 14, 2023 – Mailbox


A reader who described herself as a senior was very critical of the downtown street closings.  I am also a senior woman and my husband and I are delighted with Mainstreet Moves!  First of all, we never parked “right in front” of our favorite stores because it had all become metered parking!  We park in the many free lots.

We do not miss the noisy hot rods, motorcycles and revving pickup trucks that used to use Main street as their “parade” venue.   We notice so many more people, especially young people and young families there now that it isn’t “gasoline alley”.  Thank you for extending this through 2024, Ventura!

Cheryl Garrison


Your information of CA Gov. Newsom signing several bills aimed at bolstering protections for LGBTQ+ people warmed my heart. Setting timelines for the required cultural competency training for public school teachers and staff is genius.

A civilized democracy evolves with the changing times, and is inclusive in the needs of all citizens.

I have signed up for email news from Gov. Newom. I receive newsletters from CA Attorney General Bonta and am grateful for the good job he is doing for the justice of all citizens.

Thank you again for keeping us informed.

Diane Garber

As you get older, three things happen.
The first is your memory goes, and I can’t remember the other two.
~ Sir Norman Wisdom

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