Vol. 17, No. 02 – Oct 18 – Oct 31, 2023 – Mailbox

Dear Sheldon,

Thank you for your donation of free add space in the Breeze for our Pooch Parade. It was a wonderful event and I hope you enjoyed the day.  We’re grateful for your continued support!

Dee Vitrano
Board Secretary
Canine Adoption & Rescue League

Our wonderful reader Sean McSherry sent us a very nice card and the following note.

“Dear Ventura Breeze. Thank you. Your newspaper is great and enjoyable. Happy anniversary. Sincerely, Sean McSherry.”

Thank you Sean, nice you took the time to do this.


I sent this to our city council (note this was larger, has been reduced to print here):

I’ve waited all this time to send this letter, hoping the closure of Main Street for Main Street Moves would be rescinded. No such luck. Main Street remains closed. And for me, it’s a tragedy.

I’ve lived in Ventura County since 1976. Some of my happiest shopping moments have been driving down Main Street, parking in front of a favorite store, and spending money! Buying stuff! Going to the movies! Having a meal! All because I could park and easily enter a store.

But now you’ve made that impossible. I’m a senior now, and mobility is an issue. Safely walking is difficult. And dangerous (because of those stupid brick chevrons in the sidewalk — do you know how easy it is to catch your toe on the raised lip of the cement? I’ve fallen 3 times! For me, the chevron sidewalks are more falls waiting to happen.

If I want to go to a store or restaurant that is directly on a corner, perhaps I’ll be lucky enough to snag one of the few parking spots on the corner. And then I can struggle in. But if there is no parking there, or if the store I want to go to is in the middle of the block, I have to go in back of the stores, into the few parking spots available.

So what you’ve done is put all of Main Street out of reach for me. I’m old. I’m disabled. I can’t walk like young people. But I have money to spend, I just can’t do it on Main Street. The old Ventura I’ve loved for 50 years is out of reach.

And if all else fails —cancel Main Street Moves. I can’t imagine the shopowners on Main Street are making money. There are too many alternative places to shop and people will vote with their feet if they don’t like the inconvenience and obstacles Main Street Moves presents.

Kristine Lundquist

I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought,
but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.
~ Albert Einstein

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