Vol. 17, No. 01 – Oct 4 – Oct 17 2023 – Police Reports

Felony Hit and Run with Major Injuries

On September 21, 2023, at about 9:50 am, the Ventura Police Department Communications Center received multiple 9-1-1 calls regarding an injury traffic collision on Telegraph Road east of Joanne Avenue. Ventura Police patrol officers responded to that location and found the victim bicyclist lying in the roadway with major injuries to his lower body. Responding officers began an investigation and contacted the Ventura Police Traffic Unit to assist.

Based on witness and victim statements, it was determined that the victim was riding his bicycle westbound on Telegraph Road approaching Joanne Avenue. He was riding lawfully on the right side of the roadway between parked vehicles and westbound traffic lanes. As he was riding, a blue bus was traveling westbound in the #2 lane of Telegraph Road. As the bus overtook the bicyclist, it collided with the bicyclist’s handlebars, knocking the bicyclist to the ground. The bus’s rear wheels then ran over the bicyclist. A passing motorist, who was traveling behind the bus, observed the collision and stopped to render aid to the bicyclist. The bus continued its route without stopping to render aid or exchange information.

Based on a witness statement, it was determined that the involved bus belonged to the Ventura County Transportation Commission (VCTC). With assistance from the VCTC, officers were able to locate the bus and contact the driver. Based on statements, video evidence, and physical evidence on the bus, the driver (Edgar Landeros) was placed under arrest and booked at the Ventura Couty Jail for felony hit and run.

The Ventura Police Department would like to remind motorists that vehicles must leave a safe distance for bicycles when overtaking them. 

Possession of Imitation Firearm

On Sept. 30, at 8:40am, an alert passenger traveling in a Gold Coast Public Transit bus noticed another passenger (Rafael Vera 30 years) in possession of a handgun. The witness reported the sighting to an additional bus driver, who in turn notified the Ventura Police Department. Officers quickly located the bus parked at the Ventura Transit Center and began strategically removing passengers from the bus, during which time Vera was detained. The investigation revealed that Vera had hidden an imitation handgun and a black ski mask on the bus upon officers’ arrival. Officers found the imitation handgun had been illegally modified to look like a real firearm.

Vera was later arrested and booked into custody at the Ventura County Jail for an outstanding misdemeanor warrant, possession of a modified imitation firearm, possession of narcotic paraphernalia and possession of methamphetamine.

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