Vol. 17, No. 01 – Oct 4 – Oct 17 2023 – Harbor Patrol Blotter

Wednes 9/13

5:00pm, monitored a 40ft sailboat en route to the Ventura YC looking for the guest dock. Officers met the vessel and escorted to the dock.

Thursday 9/14

2:46pm, dispatched to diabetic seizures at VWM D-dock. Officers responded and assisted VFD/AMR with the patient on their vessel.

4:55pm, received report from City of Ventura employee that their laptop was left on the bumper, fell off while driving away and that a transient picked it up and ran off into the Arundo south of Surfers Knoll. Officers searched, but UTL.

Friday 9/15

2:20am, received report of an individual acting strangely, honking horn and seemingly in distress. Officers responded, found the vehicle and contacted an extremely upset person. After a conversation, the person felt better and left.

8:45am, received a float plan from the Hokuloa canoe club. They are paddling from Ventura Harbor to Santa Cruz Island tomorrow, will return Sunday.

Saturday 9/16

11:40am, received report of a distraught female who lost her keys at the Marina Park dock. Officers responded, assisted her with a ride home to Oxnard shores.

Sunday 9/17

7:57am, received a float plan from 2 kayakers planning on paddling around Santa Rosa Island after being dropped off by Island Packers.

3:45pm, received report that the Hokuloa canoe club had returned from Santa Cruz Island safely with no issues.

Tuesday 9/19 1:40pm, received report of a older female attempting to cross the road near the launch ramp. Officers responded and were able to assist her to a nearby bench.

Wednes 9/20

2-5pm, Harbor Patrol officers conducting Water Rescue training with Ventura City Fire, consisting of lifeguarding skills and utilizing the Fireboat.

9:11pm, received report of a VIM tenant over-serving a 32 y/o male who is now intoxicated and acting aggressively towards his mother. Officers responded and escorted the female to her vessel, her son was passed out, no longer a problem.

Thursday 9/21

8:16pm, contacted by an irate female transient reporting her purse was stolen by homeless males. Officers advised to contact VPD to report theft, she ran off upset eventually knocking over trash cans in Surfers Knoll parking lot.

Friday 9/22

4:28am, dispatched to brush fire near Surfers Knoll. Officers responded with VFD and assisted with pulling hose from parking lot to extinguish the fire.

Saturday 9/23

12:05pm, received complaint of 3 juveniles fishing on the rip rap near the Harbor Cove Café. Officers responded in Fireboat and issued warning.

3:45pm, received multiple reports of a capsized sailboat near the Patrol Dock. Officers responded in Fireboat, righted small sailboat, mast was stuck in the mud

Sunday 9/24

11:20am, received a request to remove a dead sea lion from the Derecktor docks. Officers responded in Fireboat, towed the mammal out to sea.

11:45am, received request for assistance removing a large sea lion that was blocking access for a Derecktor marina tenant. Officers responded in the Fireboat and convinced the large “knot-head” to move to another dock .

Tuesday 9/26

6:28pm, observed weather service issued a Small Craft Advisory, raised pennant

3:10pm, received report of a disabled sailboat becalmed 2 miles south of the harbor. Officers responded, found 41ft sailboat and towed the vessel to boatyard haul out slip for repairs to the engine.

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