Vol. 16, No. 25 – Sept 6 – Sept 19, 2023 – Mailbox

Sheldon Brown thank you so much!! I’m looking forward to continuing to serve the community I love.

Jeffrey Lambert


It will take many more defections from true believers who finally can’t wrap their heads around the number and craziness of Trump’s lies and assaults and his growing threats of violence against judges, jurors, and poll workers conducting his trials and facilitating the 2024 election. Bill Barr, Mike Pence, Chris Christie are already levelling stiff criticism at their former “stable genius” leader, and they can open an off ramp for Trump’s slavish followers to walk away and leave the cult. They shouldn’t be heralded however for coming late to the truth.

We must create a counter energy. We have to step up our financial support for Democratic candidates and most importantly volunteer in efforts to get Democrats and young people and students and workers to the polls. No sitting out this one by making campaign donations or phone calls.

We can join local activist groups pushing progressive agendas and policies. We can support and join local efforts that ultimately impact national events, such as labor strikes, housing development, environmental groups, educational policy in schools and colleges and help them move the most progressive agendas along.

Also, we can attend local Democratic party meetings and become part of their leadership and policy formation and candidate support. In essence, we need to join groups, organizations and local party efforts to push the liberal-progressive agendas that Biden and others have passed or proposed and do the work of publicizing what current Democrats are all about and have accomplished.

Robert Chianese, Ph.D., Emeritus Prof. English, CSU Northridge

to opinions

Here here to the letter regarding no awards for “city until they fix roads”!!! Have you driven around Ventura lately? So many potholes to avoid as well as ruts in roads all over the city. Lots of folks I share this concern with agree that either someone is asleep at the wheel or they are using degraded material. Spinnaker , the road to our “jewel”, Ventura  Harbor, is horrible to drive on. It’s an embarrassment.

Diana White

My old man always wanted be to be a garbage man.
He thought they only worked on Thursdays.
Dennis Hill

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