General Manager’s Message

Midtown to Westside Interconnect construction underway on Telegraph Rd.

Ventura, thank you for your patience. As the City moves to advance its water resources, we are going to experience some growing pains. Ventura Water wants to thank the communities who will be impacted by the two critical water infrastructure projects we have underway concurrently. We understand the inconveniences these bring to everyday life, but at the end of this temporary construction the City will be closer to a sustainable water supply and the ability to maximize water use efficiency throughout the City.

The Midtown to Westside Interconnect project will impact traffic in the area along Telegraph Road, between Hill Road and Mills Road. See more information here. Traveling through this area will take additional time and planning. Please use caution and defensive driving to protect our neighbors and workers along the road.

The VenturaWaterPure Ocean Outfall project will begin construction at Marina Park and along Anchors Way. Ventura Water wants to thank the communities and businesses in the Pierpont and Ventura Harbor areas for having open dialog and constructive workshops to mitigate impacts on the community. While a portion of Marina Park will be walled off during construction, the park will remain open and the sailing center will be accessible. The City has established a hotline to report any issues and to ask questions about the project. Your message will be logged, and someone will call back same day. You can reach the Outfall Project Message Center at (805) 500-8103,

Please continue to support our communities and businesses in these areas during the construction periods. They are contributing to Ventura’s water future firsthand, and we can show our appreciation by visiting these areas patiently and safely. Be sure to visit our website for updates and to see the progress we’re making.


Gina Dorrington

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