Ventura’s Active Transportation Plan reaches the final phase

The City of Ventura is excited to announce the final phase of the Active Transportation Plan (ATP). This comprehensive roadmap aims to enhance the City’s transportation landscape, providing increased accessibility and appeal for walking, biking, and transit across the community.

The City is seeking public input to prioritize projects and programs proposed in the ATP. To review and share your information, please visit the City’s website. The deadline for providing feedback is Sunday, August 20.

“In the last two years, we’ve seen active involvement from more than 4,000 community members who played a vital role in shaping the proposed Active Transportation Plan recommendations,” stated Mayor Joe Schroeder. “As we move into the next phase, we invite all community members to provide feedback on the identified priorities and projects created to establish a safer and more sustainable active transportation system for Ventura.”

In June 2021, this community-driven initiative gained significant engagement, with input from the Active Transportation Focus Group (ATFG), which provided valuable insight into City needs, shaped plan goals, and amplified outreach efforts. This group comprised various stakeholders from the City’s Public Works Department, Police Department, Environmental Sustainability Department, Community Outreach, Bicycle Advisory Committee, all seven Community Councils, and Bike Ventura. Additionally, the City of Ventura has been actively engaged with the Ventura Unified School District to update the city’s Safe Routes to School Plan. This collaboration further ensures the safety and accessibility of walking and biking routes for students and families in the community.

Throughout the planning process, the City has been dedicated to engaging with diverse groups, including low-income and minority households, homebound seniors, youth, young parents, and individuals with direct experience in walking and biking in Ventura. This inclusive approach has allowed the plan to address the unique needs of all community members.

“The City of Ventura invites residents to share their diverse perspectives to ensure the Active Transportation Plan reflects the community’s needs.

Whether you choose to participate online or in person, your input will play a crucial role in shaping a safer and better use for all road users,” stated Public Works Director Phil Nelson.

For more information and to submit your feedback, please visit

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