Museum of Ventura County welcomes Angela Sanchez

The Museum of Ventura County is pleased to welcome longtime community leader Angela Sanchez to the team as its Director of Finance and Operations. Sanchez brings over two decades of fiscal management experience and a thorough understanding of market dynamics. Along with a natural ability to navigate complex business challenges, she will contribute significantly to the Museum’s continued growth and sustainability.

“Angela will play a pivotal role in driving the Museum’s financial success and operational efficiency,” said the Museum of Ventura County’s Barbara Barnard Smith Executive Director Elena Brokaw, “I’ve known Angela for years and have watched as she has led organizations through financial and operational success. I look forward to working with Angela and our entire team as we continue to elevate the Museum’s mission of preserving and celebrating Ventura County’s rich cultural heritage.”

Born and raised in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties, Sanchez’s connection to her community has fueled her drive to make a positive impact in her career and personal life. Currently residing in Ventura County with her husband and two boys, she wholeheartedly dedicates herself to serving and uplifting her local surroundings. “The Museum is a cornerstone of our community and I’m excited to do my part to drive growth, enhance efficiency, and cultivate enduring success,” commented Sanchez, “Our community depends on the work and passion we are each willing to put into making it a wonderful place to live and remember.”

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