Business Profile: Angel A1 threading

On May 30, 2023, Angel A1 threading opened its doors on the corner of E. Main St. in Ventura. Anju also known as Angie is one of the owners and managers of Angel A1 Threading.

Anju is an immigrant who came to United States and has opened her shop. Angie stated I take full pride in saying it’s an ancient technique, it’s an Indian technique, because that’s where it all started. I am your expert for Brow Threading! I have eighteen years of experience and believe that threading is the best way to treat your brows and skin.”

Threading, which is a hair removal process that involves twisting thread into a loop which is used to remove excess body hair, has its origins in the Middle East and South Asia. The method has been used for centuries in beauty routines of both men and women throughout the region and in some countries it has ties to rites of passages or significant milestones. For example, in India soon-to-be-brides would traditionally hold off on getting their eyebrows threaded until marriage, when they would hold a threading party before the ceremony, threading has remained popular overseas, and is becoming a go-to hair removal method in the U.S.

We, at Angel A1 Threading feel delighted to serve our guests by precision threading and Henna tattoo arts. We have trained artists who excel in threading, designing and Henna tattoo making.

Mark your presence to shape your eyebrows and let your eyebrows do the talking. Also, get the best-designed tattoos on your body to flaunt your style. Getting the best services at a budget price is not always easy.

We offer special discounts and deals making it easier to get your favorite Henna Tattoo and full threading services. You can also get in touch and book appointments through Facebook and Instagram.

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