Ventura Yacht Club celebrated the Summer Solstice

Have a Wet Wednesday in the Harbor.

What better way to welcome summer than another great week of Wet Wednesday racing? The summer solstice, on Wednesday, June 21, marked the first day of summer. On that day, the sun reached its highest point in the sky on the longest day of the year. That day, Ventura Yacht Club also ended their Wave 1 and the counters reset for another wave of racing. It was a super fun evening on the water and a great night of racing! 11 more weeks of Wet Wednesdays to come!

Currently, Wet Wednesdays at the Ventura Yacht Club have about 15 boats registered and racing even though not everyone races every week. After each race there’s a dinner and trophy presentation at Ventura Yacht Club and all skippers, crew, and guests are welcome.

Ventura Yacht Club is a full-service facility located on the west side of Ventura Harbor. Their mission: To support and promote the safe enjoyment of recreational boating, and teach boating skills to the young people in our community.

Summer sailing camp is in full swing for the next 8 weeks and anyone’s welcome. You do not need to be a member. The junior program also runs a Sunday Funday for kids around sailing and games.

1755 Spinnaker Dr. (805) 642-0426

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