Lars Yahr rode the Cannonball

Lars successfully completed the Scooter Cannonball from San Clemente California to Hilton head South  Carolina.

The 2023 Scooter Cannonball began in San Clemente on June 18, 2023, and conclude eight days later at Hilton Head Island, South Carolina on June 25th. The total distance of the recommended riding course is estimated to be approximately 3,170 miles.

The route is planned by the event’s organizers and is preferred, but riders are not required to strictly follow it. Each day’s route has a total of five control checkpoints, including a starting control checkpoint, three interim control checkpoints, and a final finish control checkpoint. The control checkpoints together create a total of four route segments.

Lars Yahr stated “ I have lived in Ventura for the past 22 years. I currently work at Patagonia.

I got my first Vespa scooter when I was 15. (35 years ago and I still own and ride it) I’m currently a member of the Ventura Vespa Club and the Ventura Vesparado’s. I rode on a 2010 Vespa 300 Grand Tourismo Sport.”

“I registered for the scooter cannonball soon after a major motorcycle crash in which I was badly injured and thought I was done riding. I wasn’t ready to hang up the helmet yet. I figured I could continue to ride my scooter with permission of my loved ones and luckily, they gave me the green light! I know some day I’ll have to quit scootering but I have more life to live and many miles to go.”

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