Justice For All Ventura County Awards Essay Finalists

Justice For all Ventura County was proud to offer an inaugural Young Activists Essay contest this spring, handing out three awards totaling $600 at Ventura High School’s graduation ceremony on Monday, June 5, 2023. The contest was open to all Ventura High School and Fillmore High School seniors. The three winners personified activism, volunteerism and community service.

Ava H. was awarded first place for her efforts in environmental justice. Abigail B, who received second place, wrote passionately about the need for immigration reform. Brooke R, was awarded the third place prize. She focused her essay on her volunteer work on behalf of the Key Club’s sponsored charity, the Pediatric Trauma Program.

Abigail’s summarization of her motivation, “By actively supporting efforts to create a more just and equitable immigration system, I hope to contribute to a more compassionate, inclusive, and equitable society,” perfectly embodies the spirit of Justice For All Ventura County.

The mission of Justice For All Ventura County is to motivate, educate, connect, and mobilize people to actively engage in their government and future in support of social justice. https://justiceforallvc.org/

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