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This is in response to the latest article in the May 31 to June 13 Ventura Breeze written by the current President, Patrick D.Pothier. This being the 100th Birthday, I’d like to help fill in some important and missing information about the history of civic service and service to the community.

Long before women were included as members in Lions, the Ventura County Star printed an article on September 2, 1937. The Headline was “Lions’ Wives Choose I-Da-Ka As Name For New Club”. I-da-ka (an Indian word meaning “to serve”) was formally chartered in 1937 and continued to serve Ventura County until 2008. Local families raised in Ventura remember all the women behind the men who served and all the assistance they augmented to those in need.

It would be an honor for the 100th President, Maya Zumaya to take up this missing history and congratulated those who helped make the Ventura Downtown Lions Club a success from it’s inception.

I have inherited all of the historical records of the group and would like to make the records available to complete the rich history of civic service to Ventura.

Karen L. Brown, PhD
P.O. Box 3551
Ventura 93006

Dear Breeze:

I can’t imagine Ventura without the Breeze!! I am so grateful for your excellent publication.

Thank you
Cheryl Dunlap

Cheryl: And we are grateful for our wonderful readers (and advertisers) that make it all possible.

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Like making a deposit in my name in a Swiss bank account.
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