Business Profile: Quality Windows and Doors

Erick Karlsen, currently is the owner of Quality Windows and Doors in Oxnard, Santa Barbara and Ventura. As he was living and growing up in Oxnard at 17 years old, he was looking for a way to occupy his free time.  So, he joined the Navy Seabee Reserves in Port Hueneme. His father, knowing that Erick needed something more to do during the summer break, asked his neighbor if Erick could work with him.  Erick’s neighbor installed, repaired and replaced windows within their neighborhood and outlining community and Erick spent the summer of his 18th year learning the window and door trade out of his neighbor’s garage. 

Erick’s neighbor became his mentor and when the time came for his neighbor to sell his business, Erick was the first one on the list. With the support of his grandfather and father, Erick became the sole owner of Quality Windows and Doors.  

Hard work paid off for Erick. He had a plan, vision, and commitment to what he believed his business and his employees would look like and what the business would be able to do within the Ventura community. He was able to articulate that plan by writing it down, and being clear so his support teams could understand it and make it happen. His plan shaped itself to reality, both the reality of success in the community and his own reality within. With hard work, patience and three storefronts later, he has become the sole owner of all three stores, with one in Oxnard, and Santa Barbara and his third store is in Ventura. 

Currently Erick uses a team approach with his workforce. His employees begin with training in installation for several months, window repair and replacement and then they will move into the sales force when they are ready. He provides an honorable service and works along with his team and his customers in completing final installations and inspections.  Over the years, he has built positive relationships with his customers and employees as he continues to demonstrate expertise and commitment to his business. Quality Windows and Doors is a success and works not only because of Erick but because of he envisioned the business in its entirety. 

As sole owner of Quality Windows and Doors he is also committed to the community where his stores are located. He is a member of the Contractor’s Association, sponsors local school sports teams and has banners on several sports fields. Hard work, long hours and commitment to service, quality and the homeowner have led to the success of Erick’s business. 

Quality Windows and Doors new design center featuring Marvin, Milgard, Fleetwood Windows, Entry doors and hardware is located at 4051 East Main Street in Ventura.

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