Vol. 16, No. 18 – May 31 – June 13, 2023 – Harbor Patrol Blotter


Wednes 5/10

7:01am, received request to assist VC Sheriff with creating a landing zone for their helicopter to land near Harbor Cove beach, officers prepared the area.

9:01am, dispatched to a person trapped in the restroom near 1570 Anchors Way. Officers responded with VFD, gained entry, no one in the restroom.

Thursday 5/11

1:30pm, officers updating plotting navigation coordinates into Fireboat GPS for the Depart of Boating/Waterways weeklong Coastal piloting class at District.

6:30pm, officers assisting training students with night-time operation of Fireboat and Rescue B19 for the DBAW class being conducted at the Ventura Port Dist.

Friday 5/12

9:25am, dispatched to a stroke in Portside apartments. Officers responded with VFD/AMR. Family was on scene, requesting a welfare check, no one in the unit.

7:55pm, received report of 32ft motor vessel out of gas, 4 miles south of the Harbor. After investigation, tow boat US took over the call and towed the boat.

Saturday 5/13

9:00am, received report of an unsanctioned car show near 1449 Spinnaker in the village. Officers responded and contacted the group. No violations observed, group attempted to circumvent marketing special event permit.

11:00am, officers participating in a memorial for Ventura Port District employee Donna Canfield. The Fireboat monitor was utilized in the celebration of life and spreading of her ashes offshore the harbor.

Sunday 5/14

10:00am, officers on patrol observed large crowds in the village with their mothers and families enjoying the holiday.

11:30am, officers placing the Harbor Cove swim buoys to protect swimmers from the Fireboat. Harbor Cove accommodates swimmers, PWC’s & small boats

1:25pm, investigating a petroleum spill near VYC, found sheen but not source.

Monday 5/15

8:13pm, received report of a vessel with parted lines and colliding with vessels in VWM H-dock. Officers responded and were able to secure the vessel. Very strong surges & currents were affecting the area from unseasonably large swells.


Tuesday 5/16

9:15am, dispatched to medical in the Ventura Marina Community. Officers responded with VFD/AMR to assist a fall victim. AMR transported to hospital.

12:30pm, dispatched to an Ocean Rescue at Mandalay Beach. Officers responded in Rescue B19 and Rescue Watercraft. The victim made it to shore.

Wednes 5/17

3:45am, while on patrol in vehicle, officers observed several vehicles with persons camping at the launch ramp. Warnings were issued, some moved on.

4:05pm, received complaint from local transients sitting on a bench in the Portside promenade that their security removed them for no reason.

Thursday 5/18

3:55pm, observed children wading in water near a strong rip current near South Jetty. Officers contacting the waders and parents, advised of safer area to swim.

9:20pm, received report of an aggressive transient screaming and challenging people in the village parking lot. Officers contacted VPD to assist with the contact. He ran off screaming and diving into dumpsters, headed to the beach.

Saturday 5/20

12:16pm, received report of small vessel in violation of speed/wake ordinance in the main channel of the harbor. Officers responded in the Fireboat, found the violators, issued warnings. Safety inspection conducted, areas to speed shown.

3:25pm, received report of a dog trapped in a vehicle in the village. Officers responded, found the vehicle and the dog not in distress, windows down.

Sunday 5/21

8:31am, dispatched to unconscious person, Riverhaven encampment. Officers responded with VFD/AMR to assist, but the patient ultimately refused care..

Monday 5/22

7:00am, officers beginning training 3 new Marine Safety Officers at The Port District office and patrol docks. The new recruits will participate in 40hr class.

7:45pm, dispatched to a capsized sailboat in the A-basin of the harbor. Officers responded in Fireboat, found the boat righted, two persons back onboard.

Tuesday 5/23

7:03am, observed dense fog, activated signal. Officers hoping for sunnier days.
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