Finding the Light exhibit at Museum of Ventura County

The Trestle, 2011 Oil on Canvas by Andrea Vargas

Light is essential to human life. It allows plants to produce the air we breathe. It lets us see. It regulates our sleep and affects our mood. Beyond influencing shape and color, artists use light to impart meaning to viewers. These works from MVC’s collection showcase how light can elicit emotion, tell stories, and convey meaning.

Finding the Light is the first exhibit installed in the Esther and Thomas Wachtell Family Gallery. This gallery has been created through a generous endowment from the Esther and Thomas Wachtell Family Fund and is designed to showcase the Museum of Ventura County’s permanent collection.

Finding the Light features works by artists Norma Krahn, Patricia Chidlaw, Guy Webster, Henry Chapman, Steohen Schafer, Cahrlotte Watts, Richard Ross, Tony Jankowski, Bill McEnroe, Carlisle Cooper, Andrea Vargas, Ginger Osgood Worthley, and Susan Petty.

At the Museum of Ventura County on Main. Runs through Sunday May 28.

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