Bikes & Furniture Gift~Away!

When you give…we can give to those who need it the most!

Heart 2 Heart, a program of Kids & Families Together (K&FT), hosted a New Bikes & Furniture Gift~Away event on Friday, January 20, 2023. “With the generous donations from our community, we were able to provide 21 Ventura County foster, adoptive and kinship families with new bikes, new printer cabinets, folding tables, and other home décor,” said Jeni Futvoye, K&FT’s Community Resource Manager. The children in attendance were very excited to receive their bikes with one caregiver saying, “the child in my care now has a bike they can ride with their siblings!” K&FT is grateful for the support from individuals and ongoing partners who give so generously. “When our community gives, we can then give to those who need it the most!”said Jeni Futvoye.

Founded in 2000, Kids & Families Together has been serving foster, adoptive, kinship, and birth families throughout Ventura County. For over two decades K&FT has become the leader in providing critical services and support to children who have experienced trauma, abuse, neglect, loss, and multiple placements. K&FT is unique in that they provide counseling services, education, support and strategies to connect caregivers and parents to the children in their care. With programs like Heart 2 Heart, K&FT is able to wrap their arms around the entire family to help them raise healthy, nurtured children that thrive. To learn more about the programs and the services K&FT provides, please visit

K&FT would like to thank the many volunteers that came out for this event. “We can’t do these events without their help!”, said Carrie McAuliffe Sandoval, Heart 2 Heart co-founder. With your support, K&FT’s programs make a powerful and impactful difference in the lives of foster, adoptive, kinship, and birth families throughout Ventura County. To support events like this visit: To learn about K&FT’s many volunteer opportunities, visit:

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