Vol. 16, No. 09 – Jan 25 – Feb 7, 2023 – Mailbox


These photos from January 19, 2023 capture the aftermath of debris deposits from heavy rains and surf on Ventura’s beach and the continuing erosion of our bike and pedestrian path and the beachfront itself. The surging Ventura River, laden with trees, plants, posts, and housing materials from way up river, empties into its estuary just west of the city, then ocean currents and high waves push it to shore.

The City is practicing a strategy called Managed Retreat, which is a form of adjustment to climate change effects. You are right to assume that there is only so far we can go before we start retreating into the city itself. The restoration aspect of this is very chancy. Rocks, old walls and abandoned infrastructure meant to shore up the coast get washed away. The dunes did stay mostly in place this time.

Robert Chianese, Ph.D.,

A man walks into a hotel and asks “Do you take children?”
The clerk replies “No, only cash or MasterCard.”
~ Bree Schultz

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