Love VC

Acts of service helping Ventura. Photos by Patricia Schallert

Vince Savlich and Patty Downs

Love VC (Ventura County) is a county-wide event in partnership with hundreds of churches, businesses, agencies, and schools that brings acts of service to communities in need. They celebrated their 17th annual Love VC in 2022 by bringing hope, healing, and transformation across our cities with our new vision to move away from a one-day service event. A summer filled with opportunities to give back, including both at-home and in-person community projects!

Adele Beardsley, Lisa Sparrow, DebrA Riedell and Geo Jones

It started at 8am om Saturday, Oct. 1, with a rally at Plaza Park. Participants received a free Love Ventura Shirt and a chance to meet other volunteers and partners for the day! Then traveled to the project sites where work began.

All hosted by non-profit Love VC with the purpose of inspiring our community to love each other through connecting, giving and serving.

Allen Turner

Love VC’s Team is made up of 100% volunteers working to make our community a more vibrant and unified place to live, work and play.




Al Sun
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