Tips for helping a person with dementia stay active

Take a walk together on the beach.

Take a walk together each day. Exercise is good for caregivers, too!
Use exercise videos or check your local TV guide to see if there is a program to help older adults exercise.
Dance to music.
Be realistic about how much activity can be done at one time. Several short “mini-workouts” may be best.
Make sure he or she wears comfortable clothes and shoes that fit well and are made for exercise.
Make sure he or she drinks water or juice after exercise.
Even if the person has trouble walking, they may be able to:

Do simple tasks around the home, such as sweeping and dusting.
Use a stationary bike.
Use soft rubber exercise balls or balloons for stretching or throwing back and forth.
Use stretching bands.
Lift weights or household items such as soup cans.

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