Channel Islands Choral Association Plans a Year of ‘Turning the Lights Back On’

Channel Islands Choral Association (CICA) Is inviting CSUCI students, faculty/staff, alumni, community members, and, in a project called, Project: Lights On, area highschoolers to audition and participate in their 2022-23 concert season.

“Walk onto many area high school campuses and ask to see their choir room. I think you will get some strange looks,” says CICA President, Dean Butler. CICA is hoping that Project: Lights On will reenergize high school choral singing by giving highschoolers the opportunity to perform with the university and a professional orchestra.

Dr. KuanFen Liu, Associate Professor of Music at CSUCI, currently serves as CICA’s Artistic Director. “It was encouraging to see so many highschoolers sharing the stage with us at our Carnegie Hall performance” says Dr. Liu. “I believe that this was an extraordinary, positive experience for them.”

CICA has planned an multigenerational concert season. “De Colores, A Choral Celebration of Colors & Cultures,” a concert highlighting multicultural choral compositions, will be performed on December 2 and 4.

In April, CICA along with the Channel Islands Chamber Orchestra, will present their annual Choral Spectacular! “I have chosen music for this performance with the young student voice in mind,” says Dr. Liu. “Highschoolers will be able to have their own chance to sing a prepared piece, a combined piece, and then a grand finale piece with the added excitement of a full symphonic orchestra.” Dates for the Choral Spectacular! are April 22 & 23, 2023. A full performance of Dan Forrest’s “Jubilate Deo” will be featured at the concert.

For non-registered CSUCI students, auditions are now underway. We especially encourage area high school students and CSUCI faculty, staff, alumni and community members to join us. For more information or to schedule an audition, please contact Dr. KuanFen Liu at [email protected] or visit

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