Vol. 15, No. 21 – July 13 – July 26, 2022 – Mailbox

Dear Janet Friedman and Susanne David – 

I tried to figure out how to track you down so that I could formally thank you for your donation to my go fund me. I imagine you saw it in the Breeze and I just want to thank you both so much for acting on it! 

You have now become part of my healing journey and I thank you both again! Have a wonderful summer!

Much love,
Breezy Deena Gledhill 


So, the city of Ventura is asking us to voluntarily reduce our water use by 20%? Let’s practice what we preach fellas. Olivas Adobe Park, which is run through the City Parks Dept. uses reclaimed water for irrigation, which isn’t “free”. A very high-powered sprinkler there has been on for 48 hours, nonstop July 2-4th, 2022.

J. Grimont

Dear Editor,

I was excited to see that cannabis dispensaries will soon become reality in Ventura after a long wait. There is a public hearing on the subject July 18 at City Hall. I was further excited to see that an LA based operation called The Artist Tree is contending for a license in Ventura. I have recently been researching The Artist Tree (TAT Ventura LLC) and their partners for a magazine story. They offer several things of great interest to Ventura. They have five successful dispensaries already open in the LA area and several more around California in the planning stage.

The first unique quality is that they are a functioning art gallery. Hence the name. Local artists are showing and selling their work at all their locations. They are already reaching out to the local art community here. They project $150,000 a year to local projects according to local partner Robert Mulder, longtime Ventura businessman and a former police officer. There are several projects in line to be helped like the Ventura Pier project, “Pier into The Future” and “Mission Fish.” This is what we need in Ventura, a caring, professional, community-oriented establishment.

Paul Peterson


“Some anti-abortion organizations say they’re unprepared to provide services for those who need them as Texas braces for a surge of births following the overturning of Roe v. Wade.”

So tell me again how this is all about the “sanctity of life” and not a blatant attempt to rein in sexual freedom, and female sexual freedom in particular? Absolutely anything to force that pregnancy to full term and absolutely nothing for the kid after it’s born.

Pro Life isn’t even Pro Birth at the root, it’s Anti Sex and the baby’s nothing more than a bawling Scarlet Letter on the mother’s chest.

The naked hypocrisy is almost comical. Almost.

Alfred J. Lewis

When you don’t know what you’re talking about,
it’s hard to know when you’re finished.
~ Tommy Smothers

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